2019 Predictions for The Ipswich Property Market

FORGET looking over the fence for a good property investment, the Ipswich market is the place to be, agent Warren Ramsey has declared.

Ray White Ipswich principal Mr Ramsey said the market had been “fairly stable” in the past year.

He said the region had “held its prices” and believes loosening of lending next year will provide another boost.

“The minute they loosen up the criteria a bit I think next year will be a great year for Ipswich,” he said.

Mr Ramsey said movement in the market was caused by people who already lived here.

“There hasn’t been a massive influx of southern or new people,” he said.

“I’m hoping that will be the case when they realise how affordable we are out here.”

He anticipates a “correction” in the region’s price, which has remained steady for about nine years, will come.

“The rest of southeast Queensland has been bubbling away,” he said.

“I am expecting it will correct, it’s happening as we speak.

“If you can get into that investment market it’s definitely time to knuckle in.”

Mr Ramsay said people were consuming stock as quick as they were being built; a good sign for the market.

“I think it’s a really secure investment for us, for people who live in Ipswich,” he said.

“There’s no need to look over the fence.

“People in Ipswich, it’s right under our noses.

“Get into it.”