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Often, the allure of a home’s features can blind potential buyers to underlying factors that could impact their decision. It’s easy to be taken by the outward charm of a home while inadvertently overlooking potential concealed defects that may escalate into costly repairs. With BPI Ipswich, a fully licensed and insured building inspection company, you’ll gain the certainty needed to make a confident home purchase decision.

The Importance of a Thorough Inspection

At BPI Ipswich, we delve beneath the surface. We’ll pull back the curtain to uncover the hidden aspects of your potential home that could spell trouble in the future. Our comprehensive building inspections, conducted by the owner and director of BPl Ipswich, Jacob Mckechnie, bring these elements to light.

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Our Comprehensive and Impartial Reports

We deliver a comprehensive, impartial report detailing the property and the construction materials used. Not only does our report expose existing structural damage, but it also uncovers conditions that might lead to damage in the future. Each report is user-friendly, containing easy-to-understand details and illustrative photos.

What Does Our Building Inspection Cover?

At BPI Ipswich, we offer insightful advice about any structural defects based on a meticulous examination of all safely accessible areas, including:

  • The interior and exterior.
  • Space under the floors.
  • Roof void.
  • The exterior of the roof (in compliance with safety and health regulations)
  • Landscaping features such as retaining walls, fences, steps, driveways, and paths.
  • Separate toilets and/or laundries.
  • Garages, carports, and garden sheds.

While a building inspection report can’t cover every facet of a home, it provides you with an independent expert opinion, offering a comprehensive understanding of the property’s quality.

Why Choose Us?

Jacob Mckechnie, owner, director and fully licensed and insured building inspector, brings to the table a wealth of knowledge of the building industry that proves invaluable to potential homeowners. 

His insights about issues present will equip you to make informed decisions about your home purchase. Understanding the significance of defects empowers you to negotiate confidently, whether that involves proceeding with the purchase, seeking a price adjustment, or even declining the offer altogether.

Armed with our insights, you can avoid unexpected repair costs and gain peace of mind with an added termite and timber pest inspection. Our professional advice and deep understanding of building structures mean that a BPI Ipswich Building Inspection report equips you with the confidence you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

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