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BPI Ipswich conduct thermal camera imaging pest inspections

The threat of structural damage due to timber pests can often lurk beneath the surface, unnoticed until it’s far too advanced. This is especially true with termites, known for their relentless appetite, posing a constant threat to homes both in Ipswich and throughout Queensland.

These voracious creatures can silently weaken a robust-looking ceiling or floor joist, leaving behind nothing but a hollow shell requiring replacement. As they feast on the edible cellulose within the boards and beams, the superficial strength of these structures masks a stark reality.

Protect Your Investment with BPI Ipswich Pest Inspections

Buying a home is a monumental investment, but the destructive power of termites can significantly erode its value. Repairing termite damage can run into thousands of dollars, affecting the resale value and creating a long-lasting stigma. According to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), one in every five Australian homes has faced a termite attack.

That’s where BPI Ipswich steps in. Our qualified timber pest professional, Jacob McKechnie meticulously inspects your property to detect termite presence and gauge the extent of any damage.

Combining Traditional and Modern Pest Detection Methods

To ensure a thorough inspection, we use a blend of traditional tools and advanced technology. Our probe/tapping device is a tried-and-true method for revealing deterioration, often used on wooden structures like door jams, window reveals, and architraves. When termites have caused damage, this tool can confirm it.

We also employ moisture meters to detect termite activity in damp environments, which often serve as ideal hideouts for timber pests.

thermal pest inspections ipswich

Thermal Image

Taking it a step further, we harness the power of thermal camera imaging technology. This innovative tool detects differences in wall surface temperatures, highlighting ‘hot’ areas indicative of termite nests or infestations. Conversely, ‘cold’ areas often signal a roof or shower leak, another potential termite attractor.

Our thermal scan goes above and beyond the Australian Standard 4349.3-1998 and AS 3660 guidelines. We proudly offer this added benefit to our clients, ensuring peace of mind that can’t be achieved with less advanced methods.

Your Trusted Ipswich Pest Inspector

Jacob McKechnie, our fully qualified inspector, expertly interprets the thermal camera’s images to pinpoint infestations, making eradication efforts highly effective. Trust BPI Ipswich to safeguard your home against the damaging impact of pests.

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